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Des O'Neill (1904-1991) - Early history of the Catholic Church in Cessnock. Recorded  09 November 1984. Part 1/1.
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Earl Sternbeck (1896-1984) - Proprietor, Ambulance driver, Cessnock. Recorded 4 November 1982. Part 4/4.
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Ray Williams - Secretary, Maitland Main Miners' Federation Lodge. Recorded 11 December 1989. Part 1/2.
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James Pitkeathly (1897-1991) - From Clipper to Mines Inspector. Recorded 13 April 1978. Part 2/3.
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Harry McKendry (1913-1995) - Superintendent of mines. Recorded 01 May 1990. Part 1/2.
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David "Jack" Prout (1907-1987) - Bellbird Miners' Lodge Secretary, Recorded 5 December 1983. Part 2/2
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Harry Cockerill (1899-1987) - Miners Federation official. Recorded 22 March 1983. Part 3/3.
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Jack Gehrig (1905-1985), Barber. Recorded on 8th March 1978. Part 3/3.
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Les Vaisey (1906-2005) - Mine Worker. Recorded 30 October 1987. Part 1/3
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Grace Scanlon née Barrett (1903-2003) - Cessnock Resident. Recorded 20 October 1977. Part 1/2.
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Andy Gow (1922-2003) - Mine Manager. Recorded 28 April 1988 - Part 1 of 2
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Eileen Williams née London (1906-1998) - Cessnock resident. Recorded 14 November 1983. Part 1/2
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Jim Wilkie (1910-1981) - Mineworker, Aberdare Central & Hebburn No. 2 Collieries. Recorded 27 June 1978. Part 2/3
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Athol Walters (1925-2015) - Mine worker. Recorded 14 January 1988. Part 1/2
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Jack Moore - miner. Recorded 30 March 1981. Part 2/2.