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    The Budget and Singleton Advertiser, Singleton, NSW, 25 April 1904 - Page 01

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    [...]thoqn Ags no 60 yen”. and whu use A
    null" ”I Slockron, NewcAAlls, 'i‘sw
    e urh WAIAA William 1." Au lh[...]ed, Also hill
    rsporl. m which hA lured lhAl “in
    club hu not been very successlul inr
    worms wlns Al msl[...]t our, whlch wu won by 1h.
    Isms genrlenlsn T‘he howling sur-
    IRP‘IIA won by Mr W Gnodhew II..
    which wn[...]acnpnled tho
    whuls oI lbs member! 9' lbs crlchel
    club. And lhe norrlsry wssernpowerd
    lo secure w[...]lint

    The numbers of lho Eix'l Cask
    TenulA Club held lhslr nuflu lot
    the purpose of rwrgsnislng[...]rry bsl-
    snce Iheol. And ll. was drnlded lo (Mr
    A club. rha lee helng Ailnllsr him:
    you. A selscli[...]
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