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Newcastle Co-op Store interior c. 1920's"Store On Stage"Window Display - Hoover "Boss of the Wash"Window Display - Simpsons Washing MachinesDonate to the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund Newcastle & Suburban Co-Operative Society, c.1910Window Display - "Homelite Chainsaws"Window Display - Winter Fashion 1972Donate to the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund Newcastle Co-op Store exterior, [1920s]Mattara Float -"Oceanides Fantasia"- First PrizeConcept Artwork - Hansel & Gretel, Scene 2 - Christmas 1967The Store Mattara Float - 'Camelot'Trade Tools Department, Newcastle Co-op Store - 1955Window Display - "High on Hot Pink"Window Display - Simpson Washing MachinesMattara Float -"Oceanides Fantasia"- First PrizeSpring Fashion Opening - "Moon Landing"Hansel & Gretel - Scene 2Mad Hatter PartyConcept Artwork - Puss In Boots, Scene 4 - Christmas 1972Donate to the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund


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Stockton Beach, NSW, 1989Stockton Surf Club, NSW, 1990sEast Greta Colliery, NSWPossum in tree, [NSW]Ship "Iron Pacific" in Newcastle Harbour, NSWBeach erosion at Stockton Beach, NSWPaddle steamer "SS Namoi"Beryl and Betty CraigAA Company's coal sales depot, Newcastle, NSWSailing ship with Stockton in background, church and collieryCraig family in front of house at National Park, Sydney, NSW, [1944]Gantry Crane at Stockton, NSW, 1906View from 1 King Street, Stockton, NSW in 1949Ochre Pits, South AustraliaDorothy, Max and Enid Craig [1944]Family photograph, Brisbane, Qld, 1947Photograph of Tom Boyd and wife JeanPeople in residential backyard, [Stockton, NSW]Max and Ross Craig at Katoomba, NSW, 1944Photograph of soldier "Uncle Tom"Photograph of Betty CraigPhotograph of three women and girlWomen in bathing costumes, EnidDorothy CraigPhotograph of "Grandma Boyd"Photograph of men and boy Photographic portrait of WWI soldiers William Keith Craig and Ollie Craig View from 11 King Street Stockton, NSW, 1940sStockton Beach "Max and Ross", [1944]Mr and Mrs William Craig in backyard of King Street house at Stockton, NSWWedding photograph "Bill and Norma", November 1947Dock, Enid, Dorothy and MaxPhotograph of young girlPhotograph of girl "Enid"Woman "Grace" in swimming costumePhotographic portrait of Will Boyd "Grandma, Enid and Ken", Katoomba, NSWFamily photograph in 1947, Brisbane, QldRoss and Max Craig at "Fancy dress folly at church 1944"Max Craig as a boy, 1944Photographic portrait of Albert and Jess LinichPhotographic portrait of "Grace"Beryl and Ian CraigWedding photograph "Beth, Uncle Ted and Ruth" at Merewether Beach, NSWWedding photograph "Aunty Nell and Uncle Ron"Craig family "Max, Dorothy, Mum, Enid, Dad (William Craig)" standing by car, [1950s]"Grandma Wilkinson"Group photograph of people at weddingPicnic in bushland, early 1900s
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