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Certificate, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, A G Ford, Blackheath Lodge, NSW, 1902Ancient Order of United Workmen, blank certificateCertificate for J W Sayers, Independent Order of Foresters, 1897Print, The Three Objects of the Theosophical Society, 1943Certificate, I.O.O.F., Loyal Ballarat Lodge, Harry Ainsley, 1914Ancient Order of Druids, horse drawn floatAncient Order of Foresters, architectural sketchAncient Order of Foresters, copy of membership certificate, 1908Freemasons Benevolent Institution, John Bultitude, 1950Sister Dolly WindsorDistrict Meeting at DubboMembers of the Irish National Foresters Catholic Benefit Society, [1938-39]Independent Order of Rechabites, building and tour busIndependent Order of Rechabites, NSW, 1920's - 1930'sLoyal Orange Lodge celebrations at Melita, Canada, 1914Order of the Sons of Temperance, Fairfield Cricket Club Premiers, 1938-39Order of the Sons of Temperance, North Melbourne Division, [1916][Order of the Sons of Temperance] champion tug of war team Certificate for R J Truasheim, Rose of Fernvale Lodge, G.U.O.O.F., 1909Masonic print "Light and Truth"United Ancient Order of Druids, Lady Maud Lodge, 1933Order of the the Sons of Temperance, Williamstown sectionOrder of the the Sons of Temperance, Royal Star Section, 1916[Grand United Order of Oddfellows], photograph of society membersM.U.I.O.O.F conference parade, Melbourne, VicBen Tillett laying the foundation stone at Trades Hall, Broken Hill, NSW, 1898


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The University of Newcastle is committed to the development of new modes of collaboration, engagement, and partnership with Indigenous peoples for the care and stewardship of past and future heritage collections.


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The University of Newcastle acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands within our footprint areas: Awabakal, Darkinjung, Biripai, Worimi, Wonnarua, and Eora Nations. We also pay respect to the wisdom of our Elders past and present.