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1979  International Women's Day Newcastle posterDonate to the Vera Deacon Regional History Fund 1989 Women & the Media Forum to celebrate International Women's Day in Newcastle1998 Newcastle International Women's Day March1997 Newcastle IWD March led by Sinead Francis-Coan1996 Newcastle International Women's day march1995 BANNER PAINTING for the Newcastle IWD march1991 Newcastle IWD march1983 Josephine Conway of the IWD committee at the International Womens Day  Rally2011 Hunter Women's Centre - Newcastle International Women's Day. Spectators included Vera Deacon, Pat Cameron and Shakila Kader2011 International Women's Day Centenary 1911-2011 Hunter Women's Centre1996 Claudette Ray, Maggie Small, Kathryn Ferencz and Dominique Trisley at the Newcastle International Women's Day breakfast1991 Newcastle International Women's Day banner1991 preparing for the Newcastle march on International Women's Day1988 Newcastle International Women's Day (Poster)1983 International Women's Day (Poster)1980 International Women's Day Poster Newcastle



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Charter Party for Coals FreightNewcastle Teachers College, Class of 1960/1961, Section 103/203Janet Copley Janet Copley (centre) International Women's Day Fire fighters - 1965Aerial photographs "Looking south over the Lake to Yarralumla abd DeakinMerv Copley, Secretary Newcastle BranchMerv Copley and two unidentified menPostcard of The Budget offices, Singleton, NSW, [1900]The Budget, Singleton, NSW, [1900]The Morrison family, Singleton, NSW, [1900]Jeffrey 35-B shortwall coal cutting machine, underground, [n.d.]Battery-powered electric locomotive underground, [n.d.]Timbering hoist, underground, [n.d.]Battery-powered electric locomotive underground, [n.d.]Coal loading machine, [n.d.]Cable unreeling equipment and cable for borehole, Abermain stowage project, July 1956Quarry,  1 December 1958Broken bit - recovery tool, stowage material borehole, July 1956Chute doors beneath stockpile bin, Cessnock No. 2 Colliery area, June 1956Drilling bit and fishing tool, stowage materials borehole, 18", recovery of broken bit, July 1956Storage bin construction, April 1956Quarry showing material being taken from centre of drain, 12 December 1958Mining equipment, May 1957Conveyor - storage bins to borehole, March 1957Quarry showing drainage run to where "crushed run Fquarry" material was taken, 12 December 1959Broken bit stowing material borehole, July 1956Storage bins, August 1956Mining vehiclesMarkham stower on surface set at right angles with feed hopper. Arrangement permits feed from common belt delivery, August 1956Central stockpile bin, 15 June 1956Quarry, 12 December 1958Cessnock No. 2 Colliery quarry area showing overburdenDrilling rig, stowage material borehole, April 1956Stowage material quarry - showing material being taken from where all quarry drainage has been directed, 12 December 1958Cable anchor - electric power borehole, Abermain stowage project, July 1956Cable anchor - equipment for lowering electrical cable underground through borehole, July 1956Cable fastening boxes, July 1956Closeup of chute doors, central stockpile bin, June 1956Mining equipmentQuarry, 1 December 1958Colliery equipment, April 1957Commencement of ramp, May 1957End of conveyor from bins chute to materials boreColliery equipment, April 1957Truck and other equipment in quarry, 1 December 1958Cable lowering equipment, power borehole, Abermain stowage project, July 1956Loading soil for ramp filling storage bins, June 1956Cessnock No. 2 Colliery quarry area showing overburden
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