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    By: Paul Hughes8th Feb 2024 9:49PMMemories of 1979
    This is me, I think, probably toward the end of the year. I started that year after I dropped out of a Maths PhD course at UoN having previously worked there in similar circumstances. I am wearing shorts so this toward the end of the year.

    The picture surprises me a little because I am seen dragging, taking the pipes and loading onto the conveyor, when that was the privileged but hard-earned job of my uncle and his offsider. In the burning, the pipes could move and lean against each other in odd ways. Taking a leant-on pipe could bring a cascade of leaners, causing broken pipes and possible falls on the draggers. I think this was posed; I did not have the experience and I am only taking the bends on top.

    This relates to another photo in this collection taken at the same time with link
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    A worker emptying the kiln, Hughes Pottery Works, [1979]

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