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    By: Paul Hughes10th Jan 2024 10:57AMThis relates to a recollection for another photo of the collection at

    This photo is a wider view of the opening into the kiln of the photo above. The inside of the kiln was still extremely hot despite the fan. The real draggers would normally only drag two rows of pipes before needing to come outside to cool down. The older man with the gauge was a Water Board inspector, the younger, my junior because he started after me.

    There was a man of about 40 or so of limited abilities who had become a regular visitor to the pottery. His easy access to the place would contravene all of today’s OH&S rules. He was accepted amongst these very blokey men despite being obviously attracted to men. Much to his embarrassment he could not help but show this in the presence of the young man of the photo. There were other young workers, including me, but he showed good taste.
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    Two workers emptying the kiln, Hughes Pottery Works, Merewether, NSW, [1979]

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