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Guide to the Archive

The Hunter Rainbow History Group has collected material relating to Newcastle's LGBTIQ+ population throughout the 20th and early 21st Century.


What is on the Home page?

The homepage is designed as an entrypoint into the archive for those who are not familiar with Newcastle's LGBTIQ+ history. It allows you to view the archive by object type and subject, and provides a short introduction to each subject. 

You can find a link to the home page on the left-hand taskbar under the information icon. This is helpful for navigating between pages when you are viewing individual objects.


How is the archive organised?

The archive is organised into two collections: The Hunter Rainbow History Collection and the Hunter Rainbow History HIV/AIDs Collection. These collections are organised according to the type of object. 


Hunter Rainbow History Collection

In this collection you can find a number of oral histories, photographs, publications, timelines and chronologies which relate to Newcastle's general LGBTIQ+ history. Including source material related to The Yellow Socks Affair, LGBTIQ+ social life, Bernie's Bar, LGBTIQ+ magazines and HIV/AIDs treatment.


Hunter Rainbow History HIV/AIDs Collection

In this collection you can find a number of oral histories, photographs and people which relate to the history of HIV/AIDs in the Newcastle region. This includes source material relating to the Royal Newcastle Hospital, John Hunter Hospital, the memorial quilt and MacKillop House.