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Hunter Rainbow History Publications

Hunter Rainbow History (HRH) has a number of publications in their collection. Below is a short description of each, more information can be found by following the links provided.

Click here to view the entire HRH publications collection. Or use the links below to view isolated publications:


Preference was a Newcastle based magazine covering news, event listings, gossip and discussion. It was distributed at LGBTIQ+ meeting places and a number of bookshops and newsagencies. The founding editor was Glenn Currie and those who worked to put out the newsletters were volunteers. Others involved were Philip Hodgetts and Greg Clarke who became editors from the April 1993 issue, and contributing editor Andrew Whitbread-Brown. The issues cover a wide-range of topics and provide an insight into Newcastle's LGBTIQ+ social life, political activism and the problems facing the community.

The Sydney Star Observer

The Sydney Star Observer is an LGBTIQ+  newspaper started by Michael Glynn in 1979. It began at a time when homosexual sex was still a criminal act, and waves of police violence during the first Mardi Gras parades had mobilised an already strong political consciousness among the LGBTIQ+ community. The Star was one of the first Australian newspapers to report on the first diagnosis of AIDs in Australia. The issues cover a range of topics including: the formation and running of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP); changes to HIV/AIDs treatment; safe sex posters and advertisements; the Fourth National AIDs conference in Canberra; the beginning of AZT trials; trade unionism; records of public meetings; obituaries and memorials.

Village Voice

The Village Voice is a weekly newspaper based in Lithgow, NSW. Here you can find Hunter Rainbow History's collection of articles from 1986-89. The articles shed light on social organisations for those diagnosed with AIDs (including The Body Positive organisation and the Lighthouse Coffee Centre), HIV/AIDs vigils and memorials, and information on safe needle use. 

Capital Q

Capital Q was a newspaper based in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Here you can find Hunter Rainbow History's collection of articles from Capital Q from 1992-1994. The articles cover a diverse range of issues including: HIV/AIDs activism, Angels in America and the Community Support Network (CSN).

Newcastle Herald

The Newcastle Herald is a tabloid morning newspaper published Monday through to Saturday. It is the only Newcastle-based newspaper that serves both the entire Hunter and Central Coast. The articles below cover the criminalisation of homosexuality and subsequent arrests known as the Yellow Socks Affair; the treatment of HIV/AIDs in the late 1980s, particularly by Dr David Sutherland, a prominent Newcastle immunologist; and the Newcastle NIB Case.