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HIV/AIDs Photographs

The 1980s saw the AIDs epidemic arrive in Newcastle. The first case of AIDs in Australia appeared in the media in 1982, and by the end of the decade an estimated 2,500 people in the Hunter Region were said to be HIV positive.

A number of organisations were created in Newcastle to support those who were diagnosed, including the AIDS Council of NSW (A.C.O.N) - which opened a Hunter branch in 1988 - and Community Support Network Hunter. These organisations along with the work of Infectious Disease Nurse Sandy Berenger and Doctor of Immunology David Sutherland were instrumental in managing AIDs support and treatment in Newcastle.

The first AIDs unit, known as the Annexe, was opened in June 1986 at the Royal Newcastle Hospital. The hospital was the only place in NSW (outside Sydney) in the early 1980s which could treat AIDs patients. It was because of this that MacKillop House, a respite centre for those diagnosed with AIDs and their families, was opened in 1989.

After the John Hunter Hospital was built in 1991, the AIDs ward was moved to an area next to the respiratory ward.

Below are a collection of photographs relating the HIV/AIDs treatment, memorials and anniversaries in Newcastle.


Royal Newcastle Hospital

John Hunter Hospital

World AIDs Day

Memorial Quilt